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New Earth Gallery

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The portal to visit New Earth at the hub.

For the gallery for noteblock-centric builds, see New Earth Tunes. Looking for information on the New Earth Streams and Public builds? See New Earth.

New Earth has countless unique and interesting designs created by the talented players who have taken part over the many streams and public builds. This page serves as a way to showcase just some of the highlights, but we highly recommend you also go and explore the map at your own pace!

Hover over images for more information on subject, creators and location in the world.

Stream 1 - Western Europe

Public Build 1 - Central & Eastern Europe

Stream 2 - Scandinavia

Public Build 2: Northern Russia

North-West Russia

North-East Russia

Public Build 3 - North-west Africa

Stream 3 - Northwest Asia

Stream 4 - Mainland America

Public Build 4 - Northern Africa

Stream 6 - Canada

Stream 7 - Greenland

Public Build 5 - North-east Africa

Stream 8 - Atlantis

Stream 9 - Alaska

Public Build 6 - Central Africa

Public Build 7 - Southern Africa

Stream 10 - Japan & Korea

Public Build 8 & Stream 11 - East Asia

Stream 12 - New Zealand

Stream 13 - Australia

Stream 14 - Underground Australia

Public Build 9 - Central Asia