Bedrock Cube

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The Bedrock Cube stream was one of the more complex ones to set up, featuring predetermined locations and many mods used. James tried spawning walls of the bedrock cube but failed the first time, resulting in a strange shape when viewed from the outside. The inside of the cube was dark and all players were isolated. Some commands were used to dig through the bedrock. The Hell Hole was dug right beside it some weeks later. The coordinates of this build are: 844,64,770.

The front of the Cube


After the popularity of this video, other content creators seemed to copy RT's idea, and take inspiration from his ideas. RT was not pleased with those who seemed to take the ideas, even if they referenced the inspiration.


Vod Info:

Uptime: 02:12:05

Date: January 10th 2019

Title: "Trapping the entire server inside a massive box of bedrock"