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FoundedJuly 30th, 2019
MayorAnonGladstone, _Cynder_
Coordinates630, -160
Nether PathGreen, Stripped Birch Log

Coleraine is a small, largely residential town located at the start of the green nether highway; closely situated to spawn (seated between neighbouring Repbublic towns Somewhere and Dublin), it provides an easily-accessible opportunity for all to settle down.


The town was founded on June 30th, 2019 by AnonGladstone and a group of friends. After a month, _Cynder_ inherited leadership of the town, as AnonGladstone went inactive.

The town itself is mainly residential, and is often used as a starting town. Throughout the lifespan of the server, many players have joined and left the town, while adding various builds to it; examples of these include the Coleraine Gardens and the Coleraine Toblerone.

Part of the town's original land (including the iconic Toblerone) now belongs to the Republic town Dublin, with which Coleraine has friendly relations. Dublin has since developed the area in the aim to improve the image of the spawn area; this occurred at a similar time to the efforts of the staff team and members of the community working to improve the (then) barren area around spawn as a whole.

A Town Filled With Nature:

Seated between the ocean and a large birch forest, Coleraine heavily exhibits nature within the game; while, at the fore, this is displayed through the wide use of birch wood throughout the town (both in pathways and the resident's homes), this has exploded into builds such as the Coleraine gardens (an underground park building project by Drolnogard), the new town spawn, and the Plant a Tree movement - an in-game parody of MrBeast's 'TeamTrees' project, which held an aim to plant 20,000 trees throughout the server (1 iron = 1 tree planted). A donation box for this movement could be found opposite Coleraine's exit on the nether highway while the players fronting the movement were active.


Coleraine is run by two mayors:

  • AnonGladstone: AnonGladstone founded the town of Coleraine on June 30th, 2019.
  • _Cynder_: _Cynder_ joined the town of Coleraine the day it was founded, and was eventually promoted to mayor as the most active resident.
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Notable builds:

As aformentioned, Coleraine is a primarily residential town; however, while it mainly consists of personal bases and houses, a few public builds have been created:

The Coleraine Gardens

The Coleraine Gardens were created by Drolnogard in an effort to enhance the nature of the town. The gardens house many different plants and flowers, while featuring a single, notable tree in the middle. Members of the public may access the Gardens via the use of water elevators.

The Coleraine Toblerone

The Coleraine Toblerone originally stood in Whaletown. Due to its close proximity with Coleraine, WhaleTown has often been confused as part of Coleraine - leading to the Toblerone build, presumably inspired by RT's City Skylines streams. WhaleTown features to be dubbed 'The Coleraine Toblerone'. It was finished in preparation for the survival server tour on 08/03/2020 by _Cynder_, and now stands in Dublin, which has taken parts of both Coleraine and WhaleTown's land.

AnonGladstone's House

While the founder of Coleraine is inactive, their house is still found within Coleraine. It now serves as a monument to the town. ColeraineMayorHouse.jpg