Easter Event

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Easter Dynmap.PNG
Easter Event
FoundedMarch/April 2020
Coordinates2500 , 2175
Nether PathGreen, Pink Concrete

The Easter Event was set up during late March/April of 2020 by NaomiPaoni, YourLocalPiebro, Ceptiun, and Katuen. It was an egg decoration event.


The initial idea for this event was to hold an Easter egg hunt. Various prizes would be found throughout the entire server, but this idea was scrapped as it could result in people being left out.

Another idea was selected: an egg decoration contest. Contestants would be able to claim a plot, which already had a pre-built egg on it, and decorate it as they pleased. When finished, contestants could send in a screenshot with their submission. This screenshot would be added to a voting channel once voting opened. There would be four categories on which to vote: the funniest egg, the most creative egg, the prettiest egg and the cutest egg.

Sign-ups and Location

People were able to sign up from the 24th of March up until the 7th of April. People who signed up to the event were able to claim a plot and build/decorate an egg from the 8th of April until the 21st of April. The portal to the event site is found on the Green Ice Highway, and the directory block is pink concrete.

Egg Decorating & Voting

On 8 April, people could start claiming plots and decorating eggs. People could make many variations of eggs as long as an egg was present in the build in some way. The egg on the plot could also be resized or changed in whatever way someone wished. They would submit these entries to Naomi so it could be shown on the voting channel in the discord.

People had up until the 21st of April to finish their eggs.

Voting began on the 22nd of April, where all the eggs were put in one discord channel. Everyone in the discord could vote on their favourite eggs per category by reacting to the submission with a specific emote. The egg with the most votes in one category would win that category. This resulted in four winners.

Winners and Submissions