Chunk detailing contest

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The RTGame Minecraft Detailing Competition (RMDC) started on the 13th January 2020.

It was a competition to see who could make the best use of a 16 x 16 x 16 area. Winners being featured on a queue server.

The reasoning

The idea behind a queue server was a lightweight alternative to the current waiting server, especially during streams where there can be hundreds of people walking and interacting, thus a queue server could reduce the load, and feature scenes (chunks) for people to admire while they wait. ‌


There were multiple guidelines for the creations that people had to follow, but most notably, everything had to be contained within a 16x16x16 area and have a maximum of five entities. Players viewing the build could not move around either, and thus were restricted to being in a "viewpoint".

There was no theme, and so everyone came up with their own ideas.

The competition was open to entries for just under 4 weeks until 8th February.


After this time, a voting system made by Jim was created. Where people could view all 15 entries, and then rank their top five favourite entries in order.

Voting was open to everyone, where over 50 people voting. There was going to be 5 winners, but due to 6th place being one point behind they were included too. The winners were announced in no particular order, along with an honourable mention, bringing the total winners to 7.


In the end, 15 people entered, with 7 deemed winners. One of the view points from each entry can be seen below.

All are displayed here in no particular order.




Naturally all winners are now viewable and seen by hundreds while they queue, especially so for the Build server during streams.

Prizes were released one week later. They were custom models awarded specifically to the winners and all participants. A flat model that was designed by Katuen, and implemented with the use of a resource pack.

Each model has lore text that states who it was awarded to, and was automatically given out via a collection point chest under spawn.


The stream of 16th February, where RT hosted the related idea of Chunk Stream Build was the first stream to use the queue as well. While some bugs happened at the beginning of the stream, the queue served its purpose well, and has been improved even further for future streams.