Goosedale Valley

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Goosedale Valley
FoundedDecember 2020

Goosedale Valley, often referred to as 'Goosendale' or 'Goose Town', is a settlement and emerging town located at the edge of a large jungle, the bottom of the gravel mountains, and along an Unnamed River. It is named after krabbipatti314's late wolf and is currently undergoing construction to be a small town for a recreation spot for players, an urban environment for players to live in the mountains and jungle, and a distribution hub for resources such as redstone, cocoa beans, and cookies.

Led by fastattacker17 as mayor and its several administrators, the town currently has a population of 12 players across its many districts, with the total amount of players having property or business in the town at 13. Most of the region is currently under construction.


During the summer of 2020, fastattacker17 roamed the world living a nomadic lifestyle. There was struggle to finding a developed urban setting to live in. After passing by Wholesomeville and an unnamed lake town, on 26 September 2020, fastattacker17 settled at a large jungle tree located north of the developed towns and at the current location of Goosedale Valley. Chests were placed down at a newly built improvised treehouse marking the beginning of the settlement.

The Lost Era

In order to survive, the founder fastattacker17 decided to travel around the gravel mountains to search for food. This led to discovering other settlements nearby and a nether portal. This unfortunately led to his passing, and resulted in him being resurrected elsewhere. Due to him not acknowledging the coordinates nor using the map, the treehouse was lost and forced fastattacker17 to continue living a another nomadic lifestyle then temporarily move to Stresswhere while being nursed by Thiskal.

fastattacker17 then tried again to relocate his treehouse without using the map and using the towns he saw earlier as reference. After a few days of searching, he finally located his house and placed a blue bed to prevent such accidents occurring again.

The Appearance of a Nether Portal

The nether portal as of 15 December 2020.

An unexplained nether portal suddenly appeared on an unspecified date in the early fall which connected the area the treehouse was in with the nether highway system. The treehouse was no longer isolated and fastattacker17 was able to travel from his treehouse and to other towns and settlements. This further developed fastattacker17's ability to survive and would continue to visit Stresswhere for resources developing his settlement.

fastattacker17's Birthday and The Death of Goose

On 25 November 2020, he noticed a friend of his was lost in the wilderness. He asked if krabbipatti314 required assistance and needed a place to live. She finally made her way to the treehouse. The two then began mining at a nearby ravine, but a sudden ambush of mobs in the surrounding forest resulted in the violent death of one of her dog's, Goose.

25 November 2020 also happened to be fastattacker17's birthday. As it seemed people on the server at the time may have forgotten, krabbipatti314 gave a reminder in the in-game chat. fastattacker17 was happy this was done and celebrated his birthday with a double party at Birthday Island with Corncavz the following day, marking his increased presence on the stress test server. fastattacker17 and krabbipatti314 also decided it was time to begin a town along the river.

The first blocks were placed along the curve of the river. fastattacker17 felt guilty about this considering it was in a floodplain. Numerous incidents happened in floodplains relating to rivers overflowing such as Hurricane Hazel terrorizing Canada in 1954, but he then ignored these concerns acknowledging the town was being built in Minecraft.

The Start of Town and Official Wiki Page

On 15 December 2020, the unnamed proposed town was to be named. Factoring the town's proposal to be based on cookies and its location at the bottom of gravel hills, several names were considered by fastattacker17 such as Cooksport and Cooksdale Hill. The name Graveldale Valley was considered, but while writing the wiki page, fastattacker17 began writing about Goose's passing. After discussing Goose's passing with krabbipatti314, the town was renamed to Goosedale Valley in honour of Goose. Following the creation of the wiki page, on 16 December 2020 the town has welcomed a new resident, Corncavz.

Development Boom

Only three days later, on 19 December 2020, fastattacker17 invited some players from the New Earth build server to help develop the town. As the town became a popular topic in the in-game chat on both the build server and the stress test server, the population of the town nearly tripled with 5 new players intending to settle; the total amount was brought up to 8.

The spider spawner located beneath Downtown Goosedale Valley. This dungeon is planned to be converted to a farm.

Work began that afternoon to structure the town. Personman6000 created The Mines to help players gather resources, and djhatt0204 created a vertical minecart system there connecting the lower level with the surface hills. Rahtheos and Lynski7 focused more on the entrance area, overhauling the placement of chests. Corncavz, fastattacker17, and djhatt0204 worked on creating a trail network to connect Goosedale Valley with Corncavz's treehouse and the outskirts of Wholesomeville. Ravenpuffe and AbruptFern began developing on the gravel hills: Ravenpuffe built a mountain base and AbruptFern worked on WBC Studio Goosendale on top of the gravel hills. Ratheos' also discovered the town was located directly above a spider spawner and abandoned mineshaft and fastattacker17 discovered a cave artifact nearby, further expanding opportunities for development with the town. With the players' contribution, the amount of players who helped build the town that day is actually 10.


The town is considered home for 12 players, listed below in the order they joined the town. These players may be temporarily living in the mines or already have built a house. Some of these players have a special duty in serving the town.

  • fastattacker17 - Mayor
  • krabbipatti314
  • Corncavz
  • djhatt0204
  • Personman6000
  • Rahtheos
  • Ravenpuffe
  • ToddlerDestroyer
  • LinoCelluino
  • Parzival75
  • Shriike222
  • G0rd0nFreeman

Property Owners

Although these players may not necessarily live here, they own property in Goosedale Valley.

Town Administration

The town has several players held to a higher standard and specializing in a particular division or function of the town. This concept was introduced by fastattacker17 on 20 December 2020 in order to efficiently expand, develop, and improve the town. While they would be more concerned toward their own division, the mayor would continue to oversee all operations and divisions.

  • fastattacker17 - Goosedale Valley Mayor
  • Rahtheos - Administrator for Downtown
  • AbruptFern - Administrator for Gravelhurst Heights
  • djhatt0204 - Administrator for Nature Garden
  • Ravenpuffe - Administrator for West Outskirts
  • Personman6000 - Lead Redstone Engineer
  • Corncavz - Lead Recreation Developer

Districts and Points of Interest

Goosedale Valley is located at the curve of a river between the edge of a Jungle and gravel hills. Near the heart of town is a large pond and mountain peaks. The town has several divisions making up districts of the town.

Downtown Goosedale Valley

The entrance area from the nether portal is considered the downtown district. Downtown is managed and maintained by Ratheos, who also designed the original hub for chests. It is accessible from the north end of the trail network, a drawbridge from Gravelhurst Heights, and footbridge from the Nature Garden Reserve.

Tofu's Treehouse

Tofu's Treehouse as of 15 December 2020.

Tofu's Treehouse (Tofu referring to fastattacker17's username on Discord) is the original point of interest in the settlement. It is currently the home for the two residents of Goosedale Valley.

Spider Farm & Mineshaft

The town is located directly above a spider spawn that is located in the middle of a mineshaft. The spider spawner is to be converted to an arena conveniently located at the heart of the town.

Gravelhurst Heights

Referred to sometimes as "the heights," Gravelhurst Heights is the upper division of Goosedale Valley in the gravel hills and is managed by AbruptFern. It is a district appropriate for larger size builds, such as WBC Studios Goosendale or the Goosedale Valley Community Centre and Administrative Offices. Gravelhurst Heights is also where the first residence building in the town, by Parzvial75, was made. Further residences were developed by AbruptFern to help players settle easier.

The Mines and Drawbridge

Construction on the town sped up with Personman6000's creation of The Mines on 19 December 2020. It is the original location for the new players to collect resources, and is accessible by a draw bridge over the river. It also serves as an accessible throughway between downtown and the heights.

Nature Garden Island

This island is managed by djhatt0204 and is a heavily preserved jungle. It is a safe recreational spot for residents and visitors of the town located adjacent to the downtown district.

West Outskirts

The west outskirts of Goosedale Valley is managed by Ravenpuffe and is the western ends of the town. It is noted for its rugged terrain due to the tall mountains and caves. Few players live in this district.

Cave Junction

The Cave Junction at the outskirts of town as of 20 December 2020.

A massive cave junction from the bottom of the world to the surface was located at the outskirts of town in the mountains. It consists of multiple caves intersecting with a large ravine which opens to the surface. It is considered beautiful among town residents and there are plans to further decorate the cave and ravine.

Goosendale Region Trail Network

A map of the current trail network as of 20 Dec 2020.

During the development boom, a trail network south of the urban Goosedale Valley districts was established in the surrounding region - primarily in the jungle - to help connect the town with nearby points of interest. It currently connects Downtown Goosedale Valley with Corncavz's treehouse and the far outskirts of Wholesomeville.

Music Builds

fastattacker17 has many note block builds in New Earth on the build server. The town is also proposed to have note block music. The first note blocks were placed at the border of downtown and the trail network being fastattacker17's 3 note jingle.

His first song finally was made in Gravelhurst Heights. Assisted by Personman6000, Big Chungus was fastattacker17's first "pay-to-play' song requiring players to deposit "song tokens" to play. Song tokens could be obtained from Personman6000 or fastattacker17 in exchange for goods or services.


Several plans for the town are currently proposed.

Corncavz's Block Collection

There is a planned museum to display many interesting Minecraft blocks. Work has already begun on this project with blocks such as redstone ore and emerald ore stored in chests.

Djhatt's Railway

After working on the vertical minecart system in The Mines, interest from djhatt0204 was expressed over adding a railway system for Goosedale Valley. This project is planned to begin upon completion of the road network downtown.


fastattacker17's philosophy is to create paths before making buildings.

There are no further policies at this time.