Jingle Jam 2021 Stream Build

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Jingle Jam 2021 a.png
Jingle Jam 2021 b.png

RTGame took part in the Jingle Jam 2021 charity event, having a Minecraft segment with the theme Old Youtube. This was hosted on the Yogscast Twitch channel.

The style of this was inspired by the Chunk Stream Build, allowing players to claim a 16x16x41 sized plot they could build within. Additionally this stream was open to the public with no subscription required.

Originally there were 900 plots set up. All 900 were claimed and an additional 30 were added towards the end for any last minute builders who joined.

A stream Vod can be viewed here (Approximately three hours.)

A Dynmap of the build can be found here.

A world download is available here.