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Cities: Skylines is a recurring game played by RTGame, running for a total of 20+ streams. Almost all streams revolve around a themed city, from creating a one-way road city, to draining the oceans, to creating a new Atlantis. Cities: Skylines is also the source of many jokes and memes surrounding RT's channel. Memes such as the Poopcano, a large terrain formation which was filled with sewage and promptly "erupted" with meteors, and the song "Country Roads" by John Lennon, which accompanied the destruction of a city, originated in these streams.

Stream 1

First Tries

RT starts the first stream by cycling through pre-generated city names created by the game. Noticing the pattern he names his city PoRTrockspringfieldwestvaleydal to mock the games naming scheme. He then creates a unnecessarily complex city center.

RT then takes out an unnecessary loan. Next he raises the taxes to the highest amount allowed by the game (29%). RT doesn't realise the negative effects of raising the taxes in game until its too late. In an effort to please the citizens he then lowers the tax down to to one percent. Unable to part with high taxes he quickly raises them back up to 20%, which angers the citizens of his city even more. In an attempt to mock the citizens for their whining, he then raises the tax rates by a single percent, causing the city to fall into disrepair.

Soon after his meddling with taxes, a forest fire breaks out. In an effort to suppress it, he swiftly builds a road for easier access to the area, while zoning said road in an effort to hit two birds with one stone. Once the fire is subdued, RT finds the Landscaping and disasters toolset and immediately gravitates towards the latter, creating a sinkhole within the city centre. Not amused by the mediocrity of the sinkhole, he then quickly dispatches every major disaster upon his people. RT however sess this as a great opportunity to expand the city. The disasters ends after a set great meteors wipe out the entirety of the city.

Escape from New York

RT then attempts to test the limits of the disasters of the game and asks the audience if there is a mod that lets him create "even bigger meteors". After installing the mod and launching a series of meteors towards Central Park, he then wipes out the entirety of New York City, killing a total of more than 8 million people. He however then creates a single bouncy castle after the destruction.

Third time's a charm

As he creates the third city of the stream - called ATSUNAMIHASSTRUCKTHECITY - RT swears to his audience that he'll try his best to be beneficial and serious. Unlike PoRTrockspringfieldwestvaleydal, the city of ATSUNAMIHASSTRUCKTHECITY follows the American grid system of infrastructure. In a effort to please the citizens he implements policies such as the clean energy bill, which is well received by the citizens. Soon growing bored with mayoral duties, he then uses the disasters menu to create more meteors, killing everyone in the city.

Stream 2

Class Divide

RT starts off the stream by claiming he now knows how to properly play the game and can do much more torturous things to citizens than just meteor strikes. Therefore, he creates New Dublin as the capital of Ireland, with his own personal preferences.

Seeing the river (which is later given the name “River Liffey”, based on the real life River Liffey in Ireland) splitting two areas of land, he proceeds to name both areas. The northern side is given the name “North Side”, and the southern side is given the name “South Side”. For the entire duration of the stream, the North Side is given very little care and is hastily built with little to no attention for citizen happiness. In stark contrast to the South Side, where RT spends a lot of time attempting to neatly organize grid layouts and paying extremely close attention to citizen wellbeing by ensuring they are educated and equipped with emergency bunkers. This extreme attention to detail for the South Side continues to wreak havoc on the North Side, as the South Side needs such as landfills and coal power plants are placed on the North Side.

Despite running into debt whilst trying to set up the city early-on, RT manages to make the city profitable, but still continuing the noticeable class divide. Soon after, RT summons a sinkhole north-east of the North Side, temporarily destroying the water pipe network for the north. The class divide soon reaches a boiling point when RT discovers that the Water Drain Pipe is able to be plopped anywhere regardless of being on land or water. Realizing the potential, he places the drainage pipe facing towards the North Side medical clinic (Initially thinking it was a school), before connecting it up to the existing sewage network. This in turn creates a poop tsunami in the North Side, killing several and slightly reducing the profits being made in the city. A few moments after the initial flood, he turns it off and relocates it to the River Liffey.

After the poop flooding, the North Side experiences a low land value crisis in the residential areas, which RT responds by placing a single bouncy castle park. This is one of the very few times RT attempts to improve wellbeing in the North Side. The class divide continues, as RT continues to neglect water supply and building visually unappealing bridge highways and a new spaghetti interchange in the North Side whilst continuing to increase land-value and citizen happiness in the South Side. It is during this time where the North Side undergoes a massive expansion, with the addition of the high density district and a new bus route. After the creation of the high density district, RT fills the sinkhole with sewage, carefully monitoring to prevent spillage, eventually flooding the city again due to no self-control.

After the second poop flood of the North Side subsides, RT summons a tsunami with an intensity of 25.5, intending to drown the North Side. He gets impatient shortly afterwards with the time it takes to spawn a tsunami to the point he destroys the majority of the North Side. However, due to a lack of pre-planning, RT discovers that the tsunami would strike from the southwest of the map, which unfortunately destroys the South Side and most of New Dublin. Frustrated with the complaints of both the game and citizens, RT finishes off New Dublin with a barrage of meteors on both sides of the city, leaving no survivors.

Stream 3

The Habited Wasteland

RT kicks off the third stream by announcing his plan of ravaging the natural landscapes to create a new city on top of the devastated land. However since the disasters tab requires a population of 1500 citizens, he creates a city to surpass the limit, before ravaging it with a total of 226 different disasters (A forest fire, a fire, a building collapse, a tsunami, 2 earthquakes, 23 tornadoes and a whopping 196 meteor strikes (I spent nearly half an hour counting all the meteors live)). Once the disasters are over, all that is left is a series of meteor craters that is called "Death Valley" as well as a giant circle-shaped mountain with a hole in the middle which was given the name "Tree of Life".

Not being able to connect the city due to the destroyed highway network, he purchases an adjacent tile to gain access to the network. He proceeds to lay the groundwork for the city by connecting a road into Death Valley and providing water. Initially, RT places the water drainage pipe inside the Tree Of Life, but finds it cheaper and more efficient to do it at the top of the crater due to a lack of money which still has to be resolved with 2 loans. Whilst trying to reassure everybody that the tsunami that is still present will not be able to penetrate the city, the tsunami ironically finds a weak spot and gushes inside, flooding a crater. After some consideration, RT uses a brilliant system of pumping the floodwaters out of the craters and relocating it to the next once completed. RT then discovers that houses can be built on the top of the Tree of Life, but fails to find a solution on how to connect these houses to the rest of the city, as game mechanics prevent him from doing so. The road network inside the crater was proving to be rather difficult and expensive for RT. Luckily, Twitch chat soon found a workaround with the recommendation of the Fine Road Anarchy Mod, which RT soon downloads and resets the game to try out. His first impressions of the mod was that it was a stupid yet useful mod, especially in a place like West Virginia.

Fine Road Anarchy created some very weird zoning areas in the city, such as along the rim of 2 craters on Spruce Street. RT sarcastically remarks at the opening of Garments Limited that they should jump to show up for work, due to the steepness of Spruce Street. The mod also stops houses from despawning despite there being overlapped plopped buildings, such as the Olive Residence not despawning on top a bus depot. RT soon loses his control and tests meteors outside of the city, ending up with the destruction of the surrounding highways. Soon after, he saves the game and proceeds to flood the northen craters with a tsunami, before destroying the city once more with another barrage of meteors and tornadoes.

Stream 4

A smelly struggle

A week after saving the initial West Virginia city, RT returns with the intention of dumping as much sewage as possible into the Tree of Life with the hopes of causing a massive poop eruption. Due to the small size of the existing Death Valley, RT initially attempts to continue to expand Death Valley by summoning more meteors on untouched land, adjacent to highways he accidentally damages whilst attempting to do so. This way of expansion on the first attempt ended up with him accidentally destroying a wind turbine that helped supply the city's water supply, resulting in the death of the city and being in debt. After restarting, he attempts to control the size of the meteor impacts and is able to set up civilization in the newly-formed craters. However, an unexplainable health crisis emerges in the existing craters as the majority of citizens became sick and sparked a death wave. RT attempts to solve it by launching a meteor at the newly built-up craters, but that only puts him into debt and makes the situation worse, forcing him to restart again with the lesson learnt that he should create anymore craters.

Whilst trying to build more services in existing craters, Twitch chat starts to blame the death of the previous save file due to there being a functioning water pipe inside the Tree of Life, creating water pollution. RT brushes off the conspiracy due to lack of evidence, before becoming annoyed at the every increasing conspiracy, resulting him spamming water pipes down in the Tree of Life, with RT issuing a final warning that a water pump would be placed down there if the chat mentioned about it again. RT soon afterwards, continues with plopping down more city services with Road Anarchy enabled. However on one occasion, RT is unable to put a landfill on a steep slope despite the mod being enabled, leaving him to remark that nobody would care if garbage falls off from the mountain. He proceeds to place it on top of the high school, upsetting nearby residences.

Finally running out of options for attracting new citizens in, RT resorts to building outside the crater to unlock high-density residential zones, intending to destroy it afterwards. He soon downloads the Building Anarchy mod, which functions the same as Road Anarchy but it is just buildings instead. To test out the mod, he places a bouncy castle park on the side of the Tree of Life, but is unable to connect it due to Road Anarchy not being enabled. RT soon proceeds to increase the production of sewage by placing more water drainage pipes, which do take its toll on city earnings. It only takes a little bit more than an hour until the Tree of Life is filled to the absolute brim with sewage.

Seeing the Tree of Life nearly about the leak sewage out, RT declares it the end and that the "volcano" is going to erupt. Once again his patience runs out as nothing bad happens, and so he summons meteors into the heart of the crater with the highest intensity, killing everybody on the top and finally erupting the Tree of Life. The escaping sewage inundates the surrounding craters, killing everybody that was present in the craters. After throwing even more meteors, the sewage floods the areas outside the crater, isolating the city and killing off the majority of the survivors.

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