Dave the Diver

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Dave the Diver is a video game developed and published by Mintrocket in 2023. It follows the story of Dave, a deep sea diver and sushi enthusiast. The game mainly consists of diving and hunting multiple kinds of marine wildlife, exploring the ocean and running the restaurant Bancho Sushi.

The game was first played during the livestream on September 17th 2023. RT finished the game after six streams on October 12th 2023. As an end verdict, he rated the game favorably.

During the streams, one of the main themes of RT's playthrough involved slaughtering almost exclusively sharks, since sushi made with shark meat sells for a relatively high price. This sparked multiple memes and running gags related to hunting the sharks to extinction, the player character Dave becoming the personification of a environmental disaster and all the consequences that arise from these implications.

While playing the game for the fourth stream on October 5th 2023, RT caused major outrage among the chat participants by publicly proclaiming his preference for vegetable sushi (e.g. Kappamaki) over fish-based sushi dishes. He further broadened the subject by talking about how picky he is with other kinds of food, e.g. only eating certain types and brands of potato chips.

Unbeknownst to most however, a later quest explicitly calls for the production of vegetable sushi. Due to it being a late-game dish, it sells for more than most of the sushi variations served before this quest. Because of its high profit margin, switching the 'business model' to selling exclusively vegetable sushi was considered - much to the dismay of many chat participants. In the end, both shark-based and vegetable sushi dishes found their place on the menu regularly.