Persona 5 Royal

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Persona 5 Royal is a Let's Play on the RTGame channel, first started on October 22nd 2022. The Game was played on RT's PlayStation 5.

In the game he assumes the role of a silent protagonist, here named Johnny Anime. RT has stated that he considers this Let's Play his favourite series of 2022, despite having some issues with the game (chief among them the character of Morgana). Due to the length of the game, RTGame confirmed he will not be replaying the game or playing any other Persona games or spinoffs, and thus he attempts to have the most thorough gameplay experience.

RT completed the game on January 29th 2023, after 154 hours and 23 minutes of playtime (although RT claims he left the game running overnight accidently, skewing this number)


As each YouTube episode contains multiple livestreams, this is only a comprehensive list of the edited highlight videos

No. Youtube Video Title Uploaded on
1 My Name is Johnny Anime. Let's Play ALL of Persona 5 Royal. The Full Kamoshida Arc oct. 24, 2022
2 I Have a Brick. And I Will Beat Persona 5 Royal. The Full Madarame Arc nov. 3, 2022
3 Breaking Persona 5 Royal by Exploiting Everything For Money. The Full Kaneshiro Arc nov. 12, 2022
4 I Have Completely Broken Persona 5 Royal. The Full Medjed Arc nov. 17, 2022
5 I Have Become The Persona 5 Royal. The Full Okumura Arc dec. 4, 2022
6 Gambling My Life for Persona 5 Royal. The Full Casino Arc dec. 15, 2022
7 I Have Replaced God in Persona 5 Royal. The Full Shido Arc dec. 23, 2022
8 My name is Johnny Anime. Let's Finish Persona 5 Royal. The Full Ending Arc feb. 2, 2023


Name Arcana Highest Rank RT achieved Nicknames (given by chat or RT) Romanced?
Ryuji Sakamoto Chariot 10 Broiji N/A
Toranosuke Yoshida Sun 10 Sander-san, Bernie Sanders N/A
Mae Takemi Death 10 no
Kasumi Yoshizawa[1] Faith 5 N/A
Sadayo Kawakami Temperance 10 Becky no
Makoto Nijima Priestess 10 Useless no
Yuuki Mishima Moon 10 Worst boy, Redditor, Nishima N/A
Sojiro Sakura Hierophant 10 Dad/Coffee Dad, N/A
The Twins Strength 10 Justine and Caroline, the minions
Chihaya Mifune Fortune 10 no
Ann Takamaki Lovers 10 no
Futaba Sakura Hermit 10 Sister, Gamer Confidant no
Takuto Maruki[1] Councillor 10 Snuncle, Snackle, N/A
Sae Nijima Judgement 10 N/A
Hifumi Togo Star 10 no
Munehisa Iwai Hanged 10 Guncle N/A
Haru Okumura Empress 10 Floof no
Goro Akechi Justice 10 Sketchy Akechi, N/A
Shinya Oda Tower 10 Get Smoked, Gun cousin N/A
Ichiko Ohya Devil 10 Drunk Aunt, Draunt, no
Yusuke Kitagawa Emperor 10 Whosuke N/A
Morgana Magician 10 Cat, Damn Cat, Mona N/A
Igor Fool 10 Gru N/A
Sumire Yoshizawa [1] Faith 10 no

Confidants are sorted in the order that RT completed them in. Names that are almost exclusively used by Chat and RT to refer to characters are marked in bold.

[1] P5 Royal exclusive confidant

Running Jokes

Damn [___], I'll sue!

Formed in the first episode of the series, this running gag has had many different variations. In the opening scene of the game, the "drunk man" who Johnny Anime confronts yells out "Damn brat! I'll sue" after falling. This line stirred amusement among Chat and RT and so it was repeatedly used throughout the game, replacing the word "brat" with whatever fit in the context. The most common occurence of this was as "Damn Cat, I'll sue!", referring to when Morgana prevents the Protagonist from leaving Leblanc. Other versions include "Damn Redditor, I'll sue!".


One of the most iconic running jokes from the series, originating from episode 2 of the Youtube highlights, during the Madarame arc. When the Phantom thieves decide to break into Madarame's storage room, RT suggested they could just throw a brick through the window. He then proceeded to play a "brick smashing glass" soundeffect during the scene, which spawned the meme. During the scene where Yusuke speaks to Madarames defeated shadow, RT accidently activated the soundeffect again, causing much amusement in chat.


Equally iconic to Brick, Daneshiro originated in episode 3 of the Youtube highlights, during the Kaneshiro arc. When RT advanced "Sander-san" (Yoshida) confidant to rank 3, he unlocked the "Fundraising" ability, which allows the player to demand more money during negotiations. He then proceeded to use this ability extensively during Kaneshiro's palace, causing Chat much dismay as the battles began dragging on longer due to this. Rather fitting to Kaneshiro's palace, RT began joking about needing more money and to not stop until he gained more capital. These similarities to Kaneshiro lead to Chat giving him the nickname "Daneshiro". RT's thirst for money culminated in Chat writing multiple calling cards in the style of the Phantom Thieves, and, as the "Phantom Thieves of Chat", stealing his heart. RT validated the change of heart by holding an apology speach similar to Madarame's. While this partially stopped his greed Daneshiro continued to tangently gather money, and on January 28th finally achieved his dream of maximum money (9.999.999 yen)

Darts with Akechi

Establishing itself in the 6th episode of the youtube highlights, this running gag originated from RT predicting Akechi's betrayal of the Phantom Thieves fairly early on. While he focused on playing darts with every party member to increase baton pass rank, RT neglected to get Akechi to rank 3, since he knew that his betrayal was imminent. Chat however kept demanding he play darts with Akechi anyways, spawning the gag. Whenever he appeared in the game after his confirmed betrayal, RT multiple times jokingly asked Akechi if he wanted to go play darts, even as he held a gun to Johnny Anime's head.