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RTGame (previously RTGameCrowd, also shortened to just "RT"), real name Daniel Condren (often shortened to Daniel or just Dan) is an Irish-Canadian Twitch streamer and YouTuber. He was born on April 13th, 1995, and begun his career in 2011. First gaining a following by playing Team Fortress 2, he switched to making "variety content" in 2018, which resulted in a surge of popularity. RTGame has over 2.5 million YouTube subscribers and over 1 million Twitch followers. He has become notable for including his Twitch viewers in his content (often with Minecraft) and by playing games in unintended ways.


RT was born in Ireland on April 13th, 1995, to an Irish-Canadian family. He studied in Dublin where he gained an English degree (which has been used as a way to poke fun at his grammar mistakes). His lung collapsed in 2015; he continues to deal with it as of 2021. He moved to Tokyo in 2018 to teach English; however, as a result of his surge of popularity, he decided to exclusively stream as a job and moved back to Ireland around 7 months later, where he currently lives.

As a result of his Irish and Canadian parents, he has dual Irish and Canadian citizenship.


Not very much is known about RT's childhood. He has said that he was "not very well off" as a child, meaning that his family was quite poor. He played many video games as a child, the first of which being Pokémon Gold for the Gameboy Color.

RT once wrote fan fiction relating to the video game franchise Worms, to the point where his teacher had to intervene, and ask him to stop.[1]