Tabletop Simulator

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Tabletop Simulator is a videogame which replicates a variety of classic and modern tabletop games. It was created by the indie developer Berserk Games and released in 2015. The game was first played by RTGame during the livestream on May 17th 2020.

In each of the different streams, RT collaborated with a number of different streamers, including Kiwo, KellySiren and The Irish Lads.


Game of Life

During the first stream on May 17th 2020, the Game of Life was played together with the Irish Lads.

Connect One

During the second stream on May 31st 2020, a bootleg version of Connect Four was played with CallMeKevin as a way to bridge some time before the rest of group gathered for Monopoly Plus.

Scripts of Catan

During the third stream on September 24th 2023, a version of Catan was played with the Irish Lads.