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A variety collection of Wii games was played for the stream on March 21st, 2023. RT played a selection of shovelware games which he had previously acquired for cheap.[1] For the stream he actually used his Wii U, which is backwards compatible with Wii games.
In the warm-up chatting section before the game, RT also gave a short preview for new merchandise: a plushie of I Want Die , which had been in the works for the past few years.[2]

Games played

Wii Play: Motion

To start the stream, RT planned to stream Wii Play: Motion, a sequel to the relatively successful Wii Play. However, this game had to be skipped due to the disc being unreadable by RT's Wii U-console. He then briefly considered playing Link's Crossbow Training, but ultimately decided against it.

Guinness World Records: The Videogame

Next up was Guinness World Records, a game released in 2008. During his gameplay, RT attempted to break several world records. He noticeably struggled with tearing apart phone books. He later remembered why this particular game seemed familiar to him: He had played it during his college time in an event called 'Terrible Games Done Slowly'.

Carnival Funfair Games

After being slightly bored with breaking records, RT switched to Carnival Funfair Games, originally released in 2007 and known in other regions as simply Carnival Games. He tried the following minigames, each lasting for an average of about 1-3 minutes:

Golf, Ring Toss, Claw Machine, Buckets of Fun, Pigskin Pass, Shooting Gallery, Shoot for the Stars, Going Nuts, Meter-o-Love, Frog Leap, Spilled Milk, Bowler Coaster, Balloon Darts, Nerves-o-Steel, Dunk Tank, Lucky Cups, Day at the Races, Push a prize, The great Swami, Test your Strength, Alley Ball, Collection Plate.

Most of the time during the gameplay was spent talking about entertainment services. Discussed were TikTok, Vine and similar video services, with RT stating he's not following these kinds of trends since he 'doesn't really understand them'. The conversation then swung over to the growing generational distance between RT and Chat, with various question being asked about which pop culture phenomena are known to which portion of Chat.

Cosmic Family

Having traumatized a good portion of chat with the dreadful realization that they are growing old, RT switch over to Cosmic Family. Released in the Wii in 2007, the game is targeted towards young children who explore a space ship using basic point-and-click mechanics.

Rayman Raving Rabbids: TV Party

Naming himself 'Oldman', RT next started the Solo mode of Rayman Raving Rabbids: TV Party, the third entry into the Rayman Raving Rabbids series from 2008. He played several minigames, including a racing game, a music game covering Britney Spears' Toxic, and a dress-up game.

Big Beach Sports

Last game of the stream was Big Beach Sports. After having created his character named DAN (Age: 41), he went for a few rounds of Boules, Cricket and Soccer.

The stream ended with the daily summary on the Wii message board and a short view to the past regarding games last played months ago.