Placid Plastic Duck Simulator

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Placid Plastic Duck Simulator is a simulator game which was first played by RTGame on November 11th, 2022.

The game simulates a swimming pool with various features and a range of different rubber ducks. The player has no impact on the game, controls are limited to camera movements.

Starting with a single standard yellow duck, a counter in the top right corner starts ticking up. As soon as the decal is filled up, a new randomly chosen duck will be added to the pool. Most ducks will move in a random direction. Over time, they will automatically interact with the features around the pool.


Stream 1

The first and to date only stream of Placid Plastic Duck Simulator took place on November 11, 2022 and lasted about 2.5 hours. Initially, the game was not supposed to be played for more than a few minutes. However, RTGame was soon deeply intrigued by both the simple concept of the game and the rising tension generated by the unforeseen behavior of the ducks. The greatest 'antagonist' was a flamingo floatie, which crept closer and closer to the pool before eventually gliding into the water - trapping some ducks in it's ring 'belly'. The game was reset one time, which caused all objects to be re-spawned on their starting positions. Over the duration of the stream, the following ducks appeared:

  1. 'Bonnie', yellow starter duck (became mom of several baby ducks) [VOD ~00:11]
  2. 'Duck Duck', brown duck with polka dots [VOD ~00:13]
  3. 'Check Duck', checkered dark orange duck [VOD ~00:16]
  4. 'Propellor Duck', duck with a propellor duck (flew off to the horizon) [VOD ~00:18]
  5. 'Moss Duck', brown duck duck with a muddy texture [VOD ~00:21]
  6. 'Clyde', yellow duck with a headband (father of several baby ducks and RTs favorite; known for swimming on it's side) [VOD ~00:24]
  7. 'Bandage duck', yellow duck with band-aids [VOD ~00:27]
  8. 'Kiss Duck' white duck with make-up of Kiss-singer Gene Simmons [VOD ~00:31]
  9. 'Electric Duck', black duck with irregular golden lines [00:34]
  10. 'STRANGER DANGER' aka 'Clown', duck with clown make-up (Shoots water; most disliked duck by RT and chat)
  11. 'Zebra', duck with black & white lines
  12. [Baby Duck 1] (likely a child of Bonnie and Clyde, was abandoned multiple times and almost fell victim to the flamingo)
  13. [Baby Duck 2], (likely a child of Bonnie and Clyde, was abandoned multiple times and almost fell victim to the flamingo)
  14. [Baby Duck 3], (likely a child of Bonnie and Clyde, was abandoned multiple times and almost fell victim to the flamingo)
  15. 'Guard Duck', pink duck with white lightning patterns
  16. 'Wooden Duck', duck with wood texture
  17. 'Daisy Duck', blue duck with white flowers
  18. 'Metallic Duck', metallic red duck (heroically saved the Baby Ducks by jumping into the Flamingo and thus blocking it from eating the Babies) [VOD ~00:58]
  19. 'Disco Duck' , duck with a disco ball-like texture (plays a cool jingle on click; later helped saving the Baby Ducks from the flamingo) [VOD ~01:02]
  20. 'Submarine Duck', duck with a submarine texture and a propellor (often moves quickly; is capable of diving) [VOD ~01:07]
  21. 'Plant Duck', green duck with a potted plant on its head [VOD ~01:12]
  22. 'The Rock', stone dock (sank on to the pool floor immediately; is incapable of movement) [VOD ~01:17]
  23. 'Pride Duck', rainbow-colored duck [VOD ~01:22]
  24. 'Polka Duck', black duck with white dots [VOD ~ 01:27]
  25. 'Skeleton Duck', black duck with a skeleton texture [VOD ~01:38]
  26. 'Anime Duck'
  27. 'Ceramic Duck'
  28. 'Chetah Duck', duck with a yellow-black cheetah pattern
  29. 'Child Drawing Duck'
  30. 'Marble Duck', stone duck with a lighter texture

April Fool's Stream

Placid Plastic Duck Simulator was also played again on April 1st, 2023 as part of the April Fool's joke. During this stream, RT announced his retirement as a streamer and left his Mareep plush in charge of the broadcast. Mareep communicated via text messages on the screen and, whilst being moderately challenged by the concept of being a streamer and having to figure out how a PC works, seemed to enjoy watching the ducks.