Magical John

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Magical John
Origin SeriesSkribblnauts
Initial Appearance'Ruining Scribblenauts by Having Too Much Fun In Prison'
Notable Appearances
  • Skribblbnauts
  • Miitopia

Magical John (or "Magic John" in Tomodachi Life and Miitopia) was first summoned by accident in Scribblenauts Unlimited, during RT Game's second stream. RT was prompted to help a woman to "teach a plesiosaurus to shoot hoops". He attempted to write "Michael Jordan", but the game's limited word selection resulted in RT changing it into "Magical John", with "John" being a self-insert by John Waugh, one of the members of the game's developer team. The "Magical" adjective created sparkle effects around John, and gave him other magical properties that RT never found. He promptly put Magical John in the backpack, as he found him "creepy".

Scribblenauts Unlimited

After the aforementioned incident, Magical John was taken out of the backpack to help Steve Irwin find a dinosaur; however, he was of little help, so he was put back in the bag. He was taken out again when the same dinosaur needed to be lured out of a bush, and he was placed in a cage as bait. He successfully fulfilled the prompt, but was ignored. Another Magical John was taken out of the bag to try and save the hunter, but did not successfully fulfill the prompt.

In RT's third Scribblenauts Unlimited stream, Magical John was brought out as an offering for the volcano goddess, as she demanded a love interest. The goddess took a liking to John, and took him as her new lover.

John also appears in the credits of the game, riding an oversized shrimp with dragon wings, and lacking any magic particle effects.

Tomodachi Life

Magical John was an Islander on Island Island. His first name was "Magical", and his last name was "John." He was referred to by his nickname: "Magic John". The Mii used was created by a person going by the name Radical. RT set out to give him a terrifying voice, and the resulting voice has been described by RT as "like nails on a chalkboard". He was referred to by his nickname: "Magic John". His personality was a Confident Free-spirit. He attended a party celebrating Island Island reaching a population of ten.

Miitopia (Nintendo Switch)

Magical John was added as the last party member in the story during RTGame's Miitopia Switch playthrough. This is because he decided to wait for the other's behind an inn in the Realm of the Fey instead of seeking them out. He had the Flower battle class, which gave his avatar a flower hat. His addition was initially met with an overwhelmingly negative reaction from Twitch Chat, as RT had predicted moments before his introduction. Despite this, RT suggested that Chat, a character representing his Twitch Chat, interact with John on a daily basis, and over time Twitch chat became divided on their feelings for John, with some declaring eternal hatred, while others love him.

Magical John's Mii in Miitopia was created by Discord user Welark.