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In March of 2020, RTGame streamed two sessions of Miitopia for the Nintendo 3DS. In late 2021, he revisited the game on Nintendo Switch. The latter playthrough featured several channel references and memes, and both can be watched in full on the YouTube Channel and the Archive Channel. (Page is a WIP).


This is a summary of the plot of the Nintendo Switch playthrough of Miitopia. Both Miitopia streams have a matching plot, albeit with different Mii characters filling in roles. Each member of the 3DS playthrough's party, consisting of I want die, Mr. Bean, Obama, and End Mii, return in the Switch playthrough.

  • 29 August 2021: RT began streaming Miitopia for the Nintendo Switch. I Want Die sets out to defeat the face-stealing Dark Lord Von Karma as a chef, joined once again by Mr. Bean, and new additions Chat the Mage and Goofy the thief. I Want Die also meets the Great Mage Phoenix Wright. After retrieving the faces of the people of Greenhorne, Mayor Djunglskog gives the team an introduction letter to see the king. On their way to meet the king, they encounter a wild horse that they name Mint who joins them on their adventure. They meet the King, Carl Wheezer and his Gooigi foot soldiers, and the king's face is stolen shortly after. The team fights a stone golem to retrieve his face, and as thanks they are introduced the Princess, Dumpling. She, in turn, sends the team to check on her friend, Egg. Upon the party's return, Carl Wheezer tasks them to escort Dumpling's fiancé, Prince Poodle, from the neighboring kingdom to the castle. Upon arrival, Egg and Prince Poodle get in a fight.
  • 6 September 2021: I Want Die and party return to the jungle to find a fruit to quell Egg and Prince Poodle's fighting. When they return, they find Dumpling's face has been stolen. They make their way to a tower created by the Dark Lord, and come across Egg trying to fight the monster that Dumpling's face has been attached to. The party defeats the monster and returns to the castle, where for his efforts Egg replaces Prince Poodle as Dumpling's fiancé. Having completed Greenhorne, the party sets off for the neighboring kingdom of Neksdor but Mr. Bean, Chat, and Goofy are kidnapped and taken to Von Karma's chemical factory. I Want Die is stripped of his powers, and becomes a scientist. He sets off into the desert, meeting Cupcake the Cat, Gilbert the Imp, and Dread the Cleric. Meanwhile, the humiliated Prince Poodle is tricked into releasing the Genie Toad from his lamp. After escaping, Toad stole Jesus's gold, and at Jesus's request the team goes after Toad. Khadgar, who replaced Phoenix Wright as the Great Mage "for story reasons", gives I Want Die the genie's lamp and tells him how to trap Toad in it. I Want Die confronts Toad in his hideout and tries to trap him in his lamp but the game won't let him. Toad promises to give back all the gold, but upon their return to town Von Karma steals the townspeople's faces. The team recovers Jesus and Wallace's faces. Around this time, RT begins asking for Mii suggestions for his playthrough.
  • 12 September 2021: I Want Die and party save the remaining faces stolen from the people of Neksdor, and travel to the Realm of the Fey. Cupcake, Gilbert, and Dread are kidnapped by Von Karma and meet the others trapped in the chemical factory. Meanwhile I Want Die once again loses his powers, this time becoming a Princess. He meets the returning Obama, as well as Gilbert the Tank. The group ponder where the fourth party member could be. They encounter the young fairy Crumpet, who in her mission to save her sisters' faces joins as a guest party member. The group finally come across their final party member, Magical John the Flower, who had been waiting for them at an inn deeper into the forest. They save the middle Fab Fairies sister, GLA's face, and she replaces Crumpet as a guest party member. They continue on and save the eldest Fab Fairies sister, Void's face and the group return to a gate near Fey town, where they fairies dance to open the gate. Von Karma was hidden behind the gate, and takes the faces of Crumpet and several of the elves of Fey town. Void joins the party as a guest.
  • 19 September 2021: The party rescues the faces of the people of Fey town, and Void leaves the party. On their way to Karkaton, the party is once again kidnapped, but I Want Die does not lose his powers. Inside the Mines of Mordor, I Want Die finds Goofy, Dread, and Magical John, whom Khadgar has rounded up to keep safe after they lost their faces. Khadgar joins I Want Die as a guest party member to assist in finding the trio's faces. After saving the trio's faces, the party gains the ability to freely change their jobs, and I Want Die reverts back to being a scientist. The group, with Khadgar, sets off towards Von Karma's lair, encountering Cerberus, whom has had Chat, Gilbert, and Jefferson's faces attached to it's heads. They defeat Cerberus and free their friends. Khadgar leaves the party, and the group reaches Von Karma's castle.
  • 21 September 2021: The group climbs Von Karma's tower, and save Mr. Bean, Cupcake, and Obama's faces. Before they can challenge the Dark Lord, the group has to fight a dragon. I Want Die, Cupcake, Mr. Bean, and Dread face off against Von Karma. I Want Die and Cupcake briefly have their faces stolen during this fight. The Dark Curse leaves Von Karma, and tries to possess I Want Die but is blocked by Khadgar. Khadgar becomes the Darker Lord, and leaves the castle. With the help of the dragon, named Dominic, the party leaves the castle and heads for the Traveler's Hub to look for clues as to where the Darker Lord Khadgar went. There they meet Bob Ross, who served as the Great Sage during the 3DS Miitopia streams, who advises they help out the people there.
  • 25 September 2021: The party completes jobs for the people in the Traveler's Hub. The party discover the Sky Scraper, but need gems to open a door and are forced to complete more jobs. During this time, they take on a job for the Kung Fu Vampire 2DS XL to help get monsters out of their manor. As a reward, they are given a bat charm which turns Obama into a vampire (nicknamed 'Barackula'). The party then finish collecting gems, and begin to climb the Sky Scraper, facing off against old foes on their way. The Ex-Dark Lord Von Karma joins them temporarily, providing info on the tower as they reach the Otherworld.
  • 26 September 2021: RT equips every member of the full party with their class's equipment of the Hero set, aside from Obama, who due to reclassing was not as far along in purchasing gear. The boss fight was delayed slightly as Gilbert got sick, so in the meantime RT grinded EXP. The party finally confronts the Darker Lord Khadgar, who absorbs the power of the pieces of stolen faces to become stronger. The group splits into three teams. The first team was Gilbert, Jefferson, and Magical John; the second was Mr. Bean, Goofy, and Obama; and the final team consisted of I Want Die, Cupcake, Chat, and Dread. The first and second teams fought against the Darker Lord's hands, while the third fought his face. During this third phase, the Darker Lord steals the faces of the party members in the first and second teams. The team defeats the Darker Lord and Khadgar is set free. Khadgar catches the Dark Curse, and tells I Want Die its story. I Want Die decides to save the person who became the Curse, and the Dark Curse is given the face of the Wii and 3DS iteration of I Want Die. Opening the game up after the credits have rolled, a Villa has been built and Jefferson, Mr. Bean, Gilbert, Chat, and Cupcake left to check it out. RT immediately sends them all back to the Inn, and creates a new friend, being End Mii, who he states has been on vacation the whole time. He replaces Gilbert with End Mii and checks out a level each in the two newly unlocked regions. This is also the video where he reveals his Access key, so others can download the Miis used in his playthrough.
  • 26 October 2021: Prior to this stream, RT had accepted a quest for 2ds xl the Chef, which he never completes, granting him effectively a bonus party member for the whole stream. RT explores the post-game regions of Miitopia. Inside a portal at the end of the Galados Isles, the party finds another magical charm which allows them to select the Elf job. Gilbert is turned into an elf. While exploring the second unlocked region, New Lumos, I Want Die falls ill and Chat temporarily replaces him as the party's leader. The group clear all the districts of New Lumos as well as the Tower of Dread. The Tower of Despair appears.
  • 2 November 2021: RT starts this stream by finishing the task requested of him by 2ds xl. 2ds xl leaves the group after this, and is replaced with another guest party member, Gooigi the Scientist. The party does some grinding while waiting for sick party members to recover, and I Want Die, Cupcake, Dread, and Obama challenge the Tower of Despair and win.


RT's Access key for his characters is 5JX0K7.

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