Twitch Chat

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Twitch Chat (often shortened to just "Chat") is the chat present during all RTGame streams, where stream viewers can send messages that other viewers and RTGame can see. Twitch Chat often plays a major role in streams, as RT reads it while livestreaming. Viewers in the chat may provide advice, comments, or other messages typically related to the stream. Twitch Chat can also refer to a personification of the chat; in this usage, it is almost always shortened to "Chat." This is regularly represented by a humanoid form of the smiley face emoji used by Twitch.

Miitopia (Nintendo Switch)

During his playthrough of Miitopia for Nintendo Switch, the personified form of Twitch Chat joined the party in the game's first region, Greenhorne. Chat served as the party's Mage. Twitch Chat during these streams commonly posted four letter words, particularly "ROBE", "WAND", and "FEED"; the latter being a reference to some of RT's earlier Minecraft build streams where signs reading "FEED" were common sights. As such Chat is treated as if he only speaks in four letter words.

Later on in the playthrough, much to the dismay of some members of the Twitch Chat, it became a running joke that RT kept putting Magical John in the same room of the inn as Chat, resulting in a high friendship level between the two.

Chat temporarily takes over for I Want Die for a portion of the last two streams of the game, as I Want Die falls ill while taking on New Lumos.