Villager Trade Hall

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The Villager Trade Hall is a fully automated public Trading hall created by YourLocalPiebro. While it is currently a work in progress, it is still usable and many villagers are available to trade with, which sell many enchanting books (including mending), bottles o' enchanting, among other things. The trade hall is brown glazed terracotta on the nether hub blue line

Building and Automating

An old version of the trade hall
Current Look of the Villager Trade Hall

The Trade hall began being built in early October and was opened later in the same month. During building the idea came to make the trade hall fully automated, and after some experimenting in a singleplayer world, a system was designed that allowed near full automation of breeding villagers and transporting adults to the trade hall. Moving villagers into stalls were no issue.

Villagers and their contents

There are currently 25 available villagers in the trade hall, 10 of which are librarians, and 3 of clerics, fletchers, farmers, Toolsmiths, and Weaponsmiths. There is enough room for up to 41 villagers to be available at one time. Popular Trades include mending books, bottles o' enchanting, and the many possible items being traded for emeralds. Those who don't seem to get people will get replaced so all villagers are trading for valuable items.