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Wardens Reach
FoundedOctober 2022
Mayor_Cynder_ & Tklots
Coordinates-922, 32, 5717
Nether PathGreen, Right, Sculk

Wardens Reach is a underground town built inside of a large cave system. Its located over a large open Deep Dark which is where the namesake of the town comes from.


Wardens reach was originally going to be the private residence of the mayors _Cynder_ and Tklots. But the appeal of the massive cave system caused many people to want to join. With the first wave of new members led by YourLocalPiebro the town started to grow rapidly.


  • Griefing and the like are not allowed
  • Do not steal and ensure that you replant
  • Be mindfully of claims. This is a very vertical town
  • Do not destroy the shriekers in the Deep Dark

Town projects and locations

The Water Fall Farm

A farm for all your crop needs! Right up the water elevator overlooking the main chasm and right above the diving pond.

Diving Pond

A small pond right under the farm that allows quick and easy access to the main floor from the surface

Deep Dark

Follow the wood path till you see a drop off. You will find the towns deep dark biome. Home to the wardens. Tread lightly!

Trading hall (WIP)

Featuring a semi-automatic crop farm, an automatic pumpkin and melon farm, and a lot of villagers for all of your emerald needs.

Past and present Residents

  • Tklots
  • _Cynder_
  • YourLocalPiebro
  • Windigs
  • Thiskal
  • Swklijn1
  • Boergirl
  • Quantum25
  • Nasters
  • MrJojo2908
  • Ranger2468
  • ValentinT