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FoundedJuly 2020
Coordinates187, 1905

Example is a town where people pretend to live in Minecraft. It was founded by Minecrafter who settled here in July 2020, and has helped it grow to be the town it is today. It is known as one of the most generic towns on the server, and serves its only purpose to explain to others how to write about a gaming town.


Example town

Originally founded by Minecrafter in early July 2020, starting as only a small farming hut, but grew to what it is today.

With help of players Gamer and Magnus in August 2020 it grew into a small town, gaining town facilities like a town enchantment area, brewing station and phantom shelters. It has had a few disputes with local towns over borders in the following months, but came to agreements and now shares their resources with the towns to the North and West with connected canals and shared farms. In later months it grew to have a peak of 13 residents, which brought more roads, canals, a town shopping centre and currency exchange.


Rules of Example are fairly simple, by which all residents are asked to follow politely.

  • Do not build with cobblestone
  • Any tall builds are to be discussed prior to building
  • Only blocks containing the letter A or E may be used in construction.

Town projects and locations

The large farm

A large farm in which people can farm farming items

The pocket beach

The small beach, fitting with chairs and a nice view, perfect for a break from playing games.

Another project

The aim of this is to create a project that sounds interesting, especially in use for an example page

Past and present Residents

  • Minecrafter
  • Gamer
  • Magnus
  • Jesse
  • Colin
  • Alfred
  • Reuben
  • Lukas
  • Ivor
  • Axel
  • Nurm
  • PAMA
  • Little Timmy